Printing Inks for Fine Art Printmakers

Printing Inks for Fine Art Printmakers
Inks for Fine Art Printmakers

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Welcome to Caligo Inks ! We have been making fine art printing inks for more than thirty years and we are pleased to remain an independent, family-owned company with an exciting range of innovative inks to reflect the needs of contemporary printmakers.




Caligo 'Safe Wash' Inks

Oil-based & Washable - Artist Quality Inks for non-toxic printmaking.

For artists and printers interested in Non-Toxic printmaking or for anyone who wants to clean up without solvents, we offer a unique and innovative range of oil-based inks that can be washed away with just liquid soap and water. For full information click here

We take care to select and use light fast pigments in our formulations and so our inks are rated at least 6 or higher on the International Blue Wool Scale.

Being Green @ Caligo - for more information on our commitment to a green and sustainable future for our planet,? click here

Caligo is one of the few independent ink manufacturers that have the facilities and experience to make printing inks from dry pigment colours. This means we have control over every aspect of ink formulation and production, from the initial selection of raw materials through to the filling and sealing of the tin or tube of ink in your print studio. Find out more about the manufacture of printing inks at our Caligo Ink Factory.

The majority of our ink ranges include the primary (process) colours of cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) for those printmakers who wish to create colour prints using digital colour separation techniques and photomechanical print processes or as a simple but effective set of primary colours for mixing your own palette.