Printing Inks for Fine Art Printmakers

Printing Inks for Fine Art Printmakers
Inks for Fine Art Printmakers

Welcome to Caligo Inks ! We have been making fine art printing inks for more than thirty years and we are pleased to remain an independent, family-owned company. 




Caligo is one of the few independent ink manufacturers that have the facilities and experience to make printing inks from dry pigment colours. This means we have control over every aspect of ink formulation and production –  from the initial selection of raw materials through to the filling and sealing of the tin or tube of ink in your print studio. Find out more about the manufacture of printing inks at our Caligo Ink Factory.

Being Green @ Caligo - for more information on our commitment to a green and sustainable future for our planet, click here

Caligo Safe Wash Inks  Oil based and washable - Artist inks for non-toxic printmaking. For artists and printers interested in Non-Toxic printmaking or for anyone who wants to clean up without solvents, we offer a unique range of oil-based inks that can be washed away with just liquid soap and water. We call these inks Caligo ‘Safe Wash’ and they are available for Relief and Intaglio printing. Safe Wash inks offer all the qualities of an oil-based ink, but without the need for expensive and volatile solvents at clean up.

Caligo Safe Wash ETCHING INKS


Caligo Safe Wash RELIEF INKS



We also make traditional printing inks for etching, lithography and relief printing as well as specialist printmaking applications such as inks for Collotype printing and Letterpress

Please visit the Caligo Ink website again soon for updates! Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the rest of the site



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